Welcome to the Law Office of Schuyler Campbell

     The Law Office of Schuyler Campbell is a private law office located in Downtown Oakland, California, offering services primarily in the fields of Estate Planning and Bankruptcy Law. All legal services are performed by Schuyler Campbell, an arrorney dedicated to providing Northern Californian families and small businesses with high quality legal services. In addition to Estate Planning and Bankruptcy, Schuyler Campbell offers legal services in fields as varied as civil litigation and criminal defense.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in a Nutshell

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process where nearly all of a person's debts are discharged (terminated) and in turn the person gives up all of their assets, save for a threshold amount, as well as certain exempt assets like retirement accounts. The process takes a few months and involves one or more hearings. When you hire the Law Office of Schuyler Campbell to handle your bankruptcy, an attorney will prep you before any hearings, and show up with you to to all hearings to make sure the process goes smoothly.

New Office Location

     Today I have moved offices from Hayward, California to a great new spot in the Old Oakland neighborhood of Downtown Oakland, California. My new office is located on the third floor of the beautiful 1876 building located at 725 Washington Street (between 7th and 8th Streets). 

     In addition to the upgraded office space, the new location is BART-accessible (12th St. station). And though parking is limited to street parking, this particular city block is pretty reasonable, in terms of finding a spot. 

How to Successfully Defend a DUI Charge

     Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is one of the most common criminal charges today. While in decades past, police would have to rely primarily on roadside "sobriety tests" and prosecutors had to rely on the results of those tests to obtain a conviction, today our law enforcement officers have a variety of different, inexpensive ways of obtaining a suspect's blood alcohol level. And police today go after intoxicated drivers like never before. Often drivers are stopped without even committing any serious driving offense.

The Overlooked Benefits of Hiring a Young Attorney

Choosing the Right Lawyer

     Something I have noticed on several of my colleagues' websites and advertisements is some phrase expressing their membership in th baby boomer generation. Phrases like, “with over thirty years experience” and “practicing since 1980” are intimidating to attorneys from my generation. Likewise, far too many people are turned off by the concept of hiring an attorney without a noticeable gray streak or a receding hairline.

How Changes to the Estate Tax Code Will Effect Your Estate Plan and Your Pocketbook

Obama's Tax Policy Has Remained Consistent With Bush's Policy of Record-Low Income Tax Rates and Steadily Increasing the Estate Tax Threshold 

     Obamacare overshadowed nearly every major accomplishment and missed opportunity of Obama's first term as our President. But one important event which took place is sometimes called the "tax compromise."

About Schuyler Campbell

     Schuyler Campbell grew up in the east bay area suburb of San Ramon. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Davis in 2005, majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. In 2010, Schuyler graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, receiving a Juris Doctor. Schuyler is licensed to practice law in both California and New York, having passed what are generally considered the nation's two most challenging bar exams.

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